Irrespective of the campaign aimed at people educating them as to the correct means of disposal of rubbish, the problem still exists. People sneaking around the environment dumping their unwanted waste. Adjacent to the entrance of Wyong Shire’s huge Buttonderry tip there are at times mountains of rubbish dumped illegally . How ridiculous is that? A person spends all day loading his domestic rubbish into his vehicle or onto his box trailer, only to have the small mindedness to think because he missed the tip’s opening hours he has the right to dump it outside the tip gates.

We have a decent garbage service provided to the majority of the residents of Wyong Shire including an available bulk waste pickup allocated to all residents throughout the year, however certain folk still insist in lurking about dumping what they want where they want. Take a trip the the grand Watagan Forest down in the Ourimbah section, pull up for a nice scenic outlook high on the ridge line…...down below is a small wrecking yard of dumped cars. Further up the forest road is load upon load of concrete pieces. The obvious load size is from the suburban box trailer. Travel out along Elizabeth drive at Lake Munmorah to enjoy the ocean and the sea breezes. Yes you guessed it, some gem of a person decided his camphor laurel prunings would be best relocated to infect the native trees in this region.

Is it some sort of thrillseeking mission? Is it a payback to our environment because the bushland dumped leaves into their manicured driveways? Is it the resentment towards council for charging to tip your rubbish at the Buttonderry waste facility ?

We all enjoy visiting the many wondrous sights this land has to offer. What is your opinion on seeing an unwanted fridge or broken concrete pathway strewn across the bushland because someone has been too lazy to take it to the tip or pay someone to dispose of it? What actions do you think should be taken against dumpers?


Text and photography by Veronique Moseley